About me

Monika Aliesch


Raised on a farm with my grandfather, animals have been a major part of my life since early childhood. I was fortunate to experience people around me who were in harmony with nature and respectful of creation. Dogs were always present in our family as aids to our work. I found my own first companion in 1990 while working at an animal hospital – a one-eyed female Yorkshire Terrier. Love at first sight and a wonderful teacher as regards small dogs! In the years that followed, a number of dogs accompanied me on my journey through life. I thank each and every one of them most sincerely for the experiences that I was able to enjoy with them.

In 2004, my former partner met Gabi Schulthess of Creekhiker at a seminar. They talked about one of her female dogs coming to us. Tragically, the dog died two weeks before the due date. My partner’s wish to have such a dog remained unchanged.
A short time later, I came into contact with Betsy Conway of Scentasia Hounds. They had a puppy. Without further ado, the trip to the United States was planned and soon became a reality. In October 2004, I was a guest of Betsy, Donna and the hounds for the first time. An experience that I will never forget. I was deeply touched by the friendliness and gentleness of these big dogs. When Donna handed Lance over to me at the airport, a new chapter of my life began.

  • Autumn 2004: Lance arrives in Switzerland. I help to train the small male Otterhound at Mantrailing.
  • Cheyenne (Creekhiker Annie) comes to us as an abandoned dog. Working with men is hard for her – so I get my first Mantrailing teacher. I could not have had better. Cheyenne taught me what it means to feel the deepest sense of basic trust!
  • After the death of Cheyenne, I assume responsibility for Lance as my former partner follows on with a young bloodhound.
  • When Lance reaches the age of 2 years, I begin to take part in shows.
  • Vincent comes to us in spring 2009. He is also trained at Mantrailing.
  • In 2009, Orenda and Wynonah come to Switzerland as puppies.
  • Summer 2013: The “Visionquest Hounds” Kennel welcomes the first puppies.

A word of thanks to Betsy Conway, Donna Emery and Scentasia Hounds
At this point I would like to express my wholehearted thanks to Betsy and Donna. They placed their trust in me back then and allowed me to make the long trip to Europe with little Lance. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship – sustained by our shared love for our hounds!

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