Breed Standard

Breed Standard of the Otterhound

From the American perspective, the Otterhound appears a little odd. Most hounds are smooth-haired like beagles and coonhounds; shaggy dogs are ​​out of the ordinary. Yet in France, a variety of rough-haired hounds has hunted successfully for centuries. The Griffon Nivernais of Brittany and, in particular, the Vendee are in all probability the direct ancestors of the Otterhound. The breed was perfected in England. A number of hounds (including Bloodhounds) and water spaniels were added. The rough-haired type of French hound works with great endurance on cold trails. This characteristic trait was particularly useful when breeding a dog to hunt otters. Otters existed in abundance at one time. They are predators and decimated the fish population of the English rivers. This was a good excuse for keen hunters, because from April to September otters were the only permitted wild game. Otter hunting was highly popular during the 18th century.

Country of origin: England
Weight: 30 – 54 kg
Shoulder height: 60 – 67 cm
Coat: Medium length (4-8 cm), thick, tough and smooth of structure, of oily, water-resistant quality, luxurious undercoat
Colours: Shades of grey, red to wheat-coloured, blue, black or tan, three-coloured
Recognised by: FCI, AKC, CKC,TKC
FCI Group 6: Scent Hounds and Bloodhounds

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